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These are the 3 current Waterphone models shown here with a pair of superball mallets. Left rear is a MegaBass (16 inches in diameter and approximately 14 inches in height), center front is a Whaler (12 inches in diameter and 14 inches in height) and right rear is the Bass (14 inches diameter and 14 inches in height). The larger the diameter, the wider the range as more tonal rods are possible and the lower the bass end. The rods marked in red are "Power Rods" which have a prime sympathetic relationship with the bottom pan. Made from stainless steel and bronze the Waterphone can be played as a stringed instrument or as a percussion instrument. They are used by symphonies, recording studios and touring bands worldwide as well as for calling whales and other cetacean. Waterphones are on many movie and tv sound tracks as well as contemporary CDs of music. They are fun and easy to play.

~ Richard Waters, inventor of the waterphone and other musical instruments and sound devices.