A set of 3 joined water Drums made from stainless steel and bronze with apertures for adding or subtracting water which is a way of tuning Trongos. The central larger drum is held between the legs so that the water may be activated by moving the legs as the Trongos are played. This motion creates schiziosonic moducations and pre-echoes due to the different speeds of sound in air/metal/water. As both the top heads and the bottom heads can be played that makes for 6 heads though the central bottom head is a reach.

As with all of my instruments these are one of a kind and I am continually upgrading the design via new materials, shapes and joinery. Trongos are fun and easy to play with hands, finger and mallets. However due to the thin stainless steel skin the use of hard/heavy mallets is not recommended but Superball Mallets with flexible shafts are.

The overlapping sound of triple water resonators is indeed an interesting group of sounds that can be manipulated through motion, tuning of the drums with water or omitting water in some of the drums. As a side note Trongos being light in weight can be faced into a wind for triple edge tones.

I personally make, sign and date each instrument.
- Richard Waters -