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The Waterphone Samples offered here are the collaborative effort of Todd Barton, Joel Henigson, and Richard Waters. These are samples of Richard's invention the waterphone as played by Todd and sampled by Joel. Todd has an in depth relationship with the waterphone and has known Richard for many years and is a 2 time winner of the Waterphone Music Competition. These sample patches were conceived of by Todd and Joel as a different approach to sampling Richard's various Waterphones.

Nine months ago Joel Henigson dropped by Todd Barton's studio and asked the all important question, "Why can't we create a waterphone sampler patch that reacts and responds more like a real waterphone?" Over the next 9 months Joel recorded Todd performing hundreds of single notes, swirls, hits and random effects on Richard Water's Standard and MegaBass Waterphones.

Todd and Joel believe what makes a waterphone performance so unique and seductive is the wide range of techniques and timbres available from a single instrument. The sounds range from very precise and specific notes to deeply random and surprising effects all connected by the organic, ever-changing oscillation of the water inside the waterphone.

After constant research, performance and sample programming Joel and Todd have created two unique sample patches that capitalize on these qualities. The one by Todd is more precise and specific; the one by Joel is wonderfully rich and dramatic in its randomness. They hope you enjoy the adventure of timbral exploration.

This project is a labor of love devoted offering high quality samples of Richard Waters' amazing waterphones. We kindly request that end purchasers do not share these files with others, but rather encourage all to pay the $15 fee which will allow us to maintain the site and develop these patches for years to come.

Uncharted Waters: Advanced Waterphone Performance Sampler

These sampler patches (Kontakt 3/4) are for those with curious minds and a sense of wonder. These patches are for the adventuresome as they incorporate micro tonal and other pitches that are beyond the conventional and closer to the real sounds of the waterphones. We think that these samples will encourage you to explore the more interactive and seductive way that a waterphone is played. We think you will like these samples and will find the price of $15 very reasonable. If you would like to purchase a copy of Uncharted Waters: Advanced Waterphone Performance Samples press the PayPal button below and follow the instructions for a download. We do not sell a CD version of these samples. We anticipate releasing additional samples in the near future and would appreciate any feedback about our first release.

Format(s): Kontakt, and .wav
Note: Native Instruments Kontakt 3+ full retail versions required.
Note: KONTAKT 4 PLAYER includes a demo version of KONTAKT 4. The demo mode can be activated for 15 minutes at a time during which you can use the full functional spectrum of KONTAKT 4.

Richard Waters
Richard Waters
Joel Henigson
Joel Henigson
Todd Barton
Todd Barton
Multi media artist,
musician, inventor
of the Waterphone
Producer, songwriter,
electronic music mad scientist
Audio samples
Composer, performer,
teacher, sound explorer

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