As I am getting up in years I am not sure how much longer I will be making musical instruments . My business is up for sale and my daughter has expressed an interest in taking over the business but I am not sure if or when this will happen. Consequently,if you are interested in obtaining one of my instruments from me, I would highly recommend you do so sooner rather than later.

Richard Waters

About Prices

One Of A Kind Custom Acoustic Design

Musical instruments, sound devices, sonic sculptures retail price list - 2018.

Made to Order.

- Waterphones -

No picture available. The Standard (7 inch dia./17.8cm) Discontinued
No picture available. The Whaler (12 inch dia./30.5cm) $1100
No picture available. The Bass (14 inch dia./35.58cm) $1400
View Picture The MegaBass (16 inch dia./40.64cm) $1700

- Accessories -

No picture available. 3/4 Bass Bow, Horse hair (German style)
    Colored bows and bow hair (Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Black)
Add $15
View Picture SB Superball mallet bamboo (Single) $8
View Picture Mallet/bow - carved and sanded bamboo (Single) $15
View Picture Pro SB mallet. Split, carved, & sanded bamboo
    (Handle can be used as a short bow - Single)
View Picture 3 SB Mallet Mix
    One each of the 3 types of SB mallets - Pro mallet, malllet/bow & SB mallet
No picture available. "Pops" rosin (Per cake) $15
Superball Mallets
Waterphone Cases and Preservation

View Picture Bamboo Aeolian Sound Devices ?
    Visit the contact page for design questions.
$100 and up
No picture available. Wind Chimes, Bells, and Gongs $100 and up
View Picture Batu-tus or "Devil Chasers" - Bamboo buzzing culms in 3 sizes
    Small (12 to 15 in.)
    Medium (16 to 20 in.)
    Large (18 to 24 in.)

View Picture Bullroarers - Hardwood with cord & handle. Carved, sanded, oiled.
    Small (9-15 inches)
    Large (16-25 inches)

View Picture Hummers - Swung, rubberband harps - mixed media.
    Flat (Double Sided)
    In-The-Round (Rotating)

View Picture Trongos - 3 joined water drums made from stainless steel and bronze. ? $950
No picture available. Tall Water-Drums - Stainless steel/bronze - 2 heads - Comes with bridle & mallets

View Picture Water Gong Drums - Stainless steel/bronze. 2 heads.
- Comes with a pair of Superball mallets. Flat - 2 inches in height
    Small (12 inch dia.)
    Medium (14 inch dia.)
    Large (16 inch dia.)

View Picture Spring Drums - Rhythm weapon. Bamboo slit drum with springs + guiro sections + stick. Good rhythm instrument.
    18 - 36 inches length x 2-3 inches dia.
    18 - 24 inches length x 3-4 inches dia.

$45 and up
View Picture Spring Bowls - 12 x 12 inches. Mixed woods, springs. $90
View Picture Water-Guicas - Stainless steel, comes with tonal rod & cloth.
    - Two additional size tonal rods are available.

$4 each
No picture available. Stringed Instruments
    Visit the contact page for price quote.
View Picture Aeolian Harps (Wind Harps)
    8 - 60 Strings
$320 and up
$40 per string
View Picture Wind Flutes
     - Bamboo. Suspended. Multiple tone, 2 rows of tone holes.
    - Designed for breezways but not out of doors. Preserved and oiled bamboo.
    - Contact me for other designs.
Beginning at $65
View Picture Wind/Bell/Blocks - Suspended. 2 tone with clapper.
    - Aged and preserved timber bamboo. For eves and breezeways.
    - 4-6 inches dia. x 18-24 inches length
No picture available. Bird Calls - (Friction Type) Bamboo/Stainless Steel
    With sympathetic plate or bell

$35 and up
View Picture Boo Rattles - Visit the Bamboo page for a complete description
    Large (1-2 inches dia. x 12 inches length)
        - Pair
    Timber (2-4 inches dia. / 12-18 inches length)
        - Pair
    Mixed pair (1 large + 1 timber)


Cassettes by the Petit Mal ensemble (Electro-Acoustic)
Interweaves many of these instruments into the fabric of their wildly diverse music.
        "World Seizure" (Cassette)
        "Levitation" (Cassette)

$10 ($14 outside US)
$10 ($14 outside US)
Water Dreams (CD) - Richard Waters and Friends
- Live improvised music spanning 25 years from several San Francsico Bay
Area music ensembles.
$12 with US shipping
One (CD)
- By "The Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band" a new music ensemble playing
out of this world music.
$12 with US shipping
(For shipping the CDs above internationally, add $2 to cover the postage.)

Packaging - Shipping Fees

With the exception of the CDs, I require a minimum order of $25. Contact me for shipping rates for orders under $50.

Within the lower 48 states the shipping fees for waterphones (with or without accessories) are as follows: Within the southern states including Texas to Virginia the fee is 4%. All other states the fee is 5%. I ship via Priority Air in a double wall, heavy duty box, fully insured.

I ship via U.S. Priority Air Mail - all items are insured.
Within U.S.A. mainland:
$1000 to $2000 = 4% or 5% (see above)
$401 to $999 = 5%
$250 to $400 = 6%
$75 to $249 = 9%
$50 to $74 = 11%

For shipping other than the mainland USA 48 states - Add 1% to the above percentages for Canada. Add 2% to the above for Alaska, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Add 3% for C. America & Caribbean. For northern South America and Western Europe the shipping fee is 9% on the waterphones. Shipping to Japan is 11%. Eastern China is 12%. Some parts of the world are distant like Western China, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Russia, mid-East, and southern South America. The shipping fees for these distant areas can be as much as 1/3 the cost of the instrument. If at all possible I highly recommend you get someone to take your instrument with them as luggage on a plane flight as it will be much cheaper. I can ship it to them here in the USA for 4%. Otherwise supply me with an address and postal code so I can look into the shipping rates. All shipments go by air and are well packed, insulated, and insured for the maximum amount possible. Also contact me for oversize shipping of Aeolian Harps and Trongos.

UPS & FedEx are more expensive - contact me for these shipping fees.

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