Links - This is Richard's fine art site where watercolors, giclee prints and information about his art forms may be viewed and ordered. - This is drummer Lee Charlton's web site. Lee and Richard have been friends for 50 years and it was Lee who encouraged Richard to get involved with building and playing instruments in the late 60s. Lee and Richard formed the "Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band" producing two recordings, "ONE" and "Hole in the Sky".
"ONE" CD release in England. Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band. - Waterphone info and comments.
The Percussive Art Society and their page on historical waterphones.
Gary Knowlton - Richard's next door neighbor when he lived in Sebastopol, CA. Gary is a multi-instrumentalist musician who has a recording studio "Gatmo" where Richard has played and recorded a lot of music. Gatmo Studios - Is a room where lo-fi sci-fi mprovised music is recorded on experimental and traditional instruments.
Mike Knowlton - Gary's brother who plays an out there, cooking guitar and is a fine arts painter extraordinary.
Tom Nunn, author, instrument designer, musician. Designs, builds, and plays the hell out of his creations. Contact Tom at
Bart Hopkin's - author, instrument inventor/designer, musician and publisher of "Experimental Musical Instruments" - which is a vast resource on the physics of musical sound making at
Todd Barton, composer/musician/teacher who has created a number of diverse pieces utilizing the waterphone in combination with other instruments. Check Todd out or listen to some of his work with the waterphone here:
Jim Nollman, The brave soul who takes Richard's instruments into the water and calls Orcas and other Cetecean. It was Jim who first called whales in Hawaii with one of Richard's waterphones which was a breakthrough in interspecies communication.'s/Composers/Nollman/1DolDr-dol.html
Jim writes about playing the waterphone for dolphins and one of his efforts in inter-species communication.
A review of Lalo Schifrin's eerie and unsettling music for "The Amityville Horror" sound track.
Barry Schrader's CD "Beyond" in which he talks about his use of the waterphone and "Duke", a pot bellied pig who performs on keyboards, violin, guitar, and the xylophone.
Terra Nova - Experimental Folk-Rock featuring Waterphones-
The Robert Minden Ensemble -
Not Breathing - Dave Wright's music site -
Pete Lockett - Versatile and prolific percussionist -
Odd Music website is a great resource and discussion group.-
This is Richard's page with Southern Artistry which show cases outstanding southern artists.
Toshiyuki Hiraoka -
This is Angel Sampedro del Rio's bamboo site in Argentina. Angel is a master artist/craftsman making bamboo wind instruments and is recognized by the American Bamboo Society. Check him out at his site -
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