Copies & Knock-Offs

My invention, the Waterphone, is now being copied by about 7 people in almost that number of countries. Most of these are copies by amateurs and some by those who want to making a living by copying my instruments. Due to their approach and lack of understanding of what goes into a well tuned and well made Waterphone, the results are pretty sad and I have yet to hear one that measures up to a quality instrument. Should one of these knock offs be of high quality I would acknowledge this. A few of the knock off are made by quality metal workers who know very little about music or tuning and a few are made by amateur musicians who know very little about proper materials and how to assemble them. But the vast majority are after the money and know almost nothing about either metal working or music. I have been working in both of these fields for over 40 years. This is my life work and I not only make them but I also perform and record and have been doing this for a long time. This is the reason that symphonies, and professional musicians purchase my work.

I understand the problem of money and wanting to purchase something almost as good for a lot less money. However, if you consider a number of things you might understand how you would be coming out with less if you purchase a knock off or copy as you will get what you pay for.

If you were able to see one of my Waterphones next to a knock-off, it would be obvious immediately some of the differences. Rod spacing is one of those. I put almost twice the number of tonal rods on my Waterphones as the imitators do and this translates into more tones and scales. I also make my Waterphones out of superior, time tested materials and not the cheap stuff which makes for an inferior quality sound and a much shorter life span. Usually, the knock offs are copies of older Waterphones that I have discontinued due to discoveries of new superior materials and designs. If you could listen to both mine and a knock-off, here is what most of you would notice - mine are tuned in such a way that they are much more harmonious with an interesting arrangement of intervals and sympathies.

That a knock off can achieve the water sound is extremely simple to do and if that is all you require then you probably should buy the knock and save yourself a little money.

However, if you seek a well made, tuned, instrument from the inventor whose value will increase even after I have departed for the next existence then I highly recommend that you purchase the best. If you have doubts please go to the quotes section of this web site and read what others have to say.