In the USA I accept personal checks, money orders, and bank transfers. Contact me if you want to do a bank transfer. I will even accept PayPal if you will split the cost of PayPal with me which is 3% in the USA or 4% out of country so you add 1&1/2% in the USA or 2% if you live out of the USA to your total and I pay the other half. I do not accept credit cards except through PayPal.

If you are not in the USA then either a bank transfer or PayPal are the payment options and as above you pay half of the PayPal fees which is 4% (you pay 2% as do I ). In a bank transfer be sure to tell your bank that your bank fees be taken out from your side not from the amount that you are sending to me. My bank will charge me for the incoming transfer but you need to pay for the outgoing transfer at your end. Alert me to the fact that you have initiated the bank transfer so I can watch for it as my bank does not notify me of this except in the statement at the end of the month. I will confirm by email that your payment via a bank transfer or PayPal has arrived and at that time your order goes onto "The List To Be Made".

If after placing your order with payment you decide to change your mind, I charge a 5% refund fee as I have ordered materials for your instrument, and have to jump through a number of hoops to refund your money.

I do not list my mailing address on my web sites so as to reduce the amount of junk mail I receive, so contact me both for my mailing address and the details on how to make a bank transfer. I only charge tax on sales within Mississippi which is 7%.

Please do not ask me to falsify the value of out of country shipments as I would open myself up for a big fine, which I will not do. And when it is time for your out of country package to arrive it is Customs not the post office that will have it so contact them if they have no contacted you.

Once your order with payment arrives I can give you a better time estimate as I fill orders in the same order as they arrive. Time estimates are just that as unforeseen problems sometimes arise which affects my output but I will do my best. I am a one person company, not a factory, so please have patience. Email is the best way to communicate with me.

Richard Waters, inventor of the Waterphone