Viva Bamboo!

The images on this page are samples of what is available. I make many more items and variations than what is pictured. I have a supply and sources of bamboo and can create something special for your space or your use in music. I only use very high quality bamboo and preserve each piece with heat and a suitable finish. I can also make you a Bamboo Aeolian Device that combines percussive and wind tone qualities. Directions will either accompany the piece or be emailed to you. Email me with additional questions or ask about the possibilities with this versatile material.


A new bamboo creation


2 Batutus

Group of Batutus

Group of Spring Drums

SB and Mallet Bows

Multi-Directional Wind Flute

Spring Drum

Boo Rattles

Made from quality, cured, phyllostachys bamboo, these rattles can give a wide range of sound. As the smaller culms that are bundled in the larger culm, these can be reduced or added to so as to change the sound. It is also possible to add other items you find or have to alternate the percussion sounds of this versatile device. By holding the Boo Rattle in different places, various rhythms can be achieved. In addition the main large culm has guiro notches carved into it in a variety of numerical sequences. These notches can be rubbed with any of the accompanying culms (sticks) for various sound patterns and rhythms.

Two of the Boo Rattles may be emptied of their contents and the flat part of the bases of both bamboo culms may be struck together for wooden drum sounds much like stamping drums. Or using a brick or rock and a thick piece of cloth, the culm bases may be struck against the cloth covered brick. Boo Rattles is like having several percussion instruments in one device.

Boo Rattles look good in the studio or as a sound sculpture in your house. They have been heat treated and lightly oiled. See the prices page for prices.

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